Reducing Client Fees and Increasing Advisor Revenue

Many firms will try to dazzle advisors with bells and whistles, or even the increasingly common “check.”

We generally tend to gravitate away from this approach.

Just like all firms, we are always continuously improving, adding additional services, and helping advisors take advantage of what we believe are the best marketing programs out there.

But what do most of our prospects and advisors think is unique?

In the recruiting process, we go through a deep analysis of the advisor’s revenue streams and client fees.

It’s more than “X% payout,” and “$Y note,” which rarely focuses on clients.

We dive into all of the client fees – advisor, platform, strategist, internal costs, custodial fees.

Why do advisors love it?

Because it helps their move become easier if they can reduce client costs. And because they like making extra money.

How can we do this?

Our firm is unique in bringing together product experts from the asset management, broker-dealer, and insurance businesses.

We all have relationships we’ve developed over time, and have built direct relationships with them.

Joining a firm with these relationships means that advisors can take advantage of scale, without needing to have a hundred million dollar business themselves.

And where do the extra dollars go?

Three scenarios.

Good – back to the clients.

Also good – to the advisor.

Even better – both.

If you would like to run an analysis and see if we can help you reduce your total client costs, while improving your revenue, schedule a call and we’ll be glad to help.

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