Ray Lent

About Ray Lent

Ray Lent began his career straight out of college as a risk management trainee for America’s oldest Mutual Life insurer. It was clear from early on that Ray had found his calling. His strong communication skills and ability to make complex financial information easy for clients to understand became his hallmark. Never one to become complacent, Ray recognized the importance of furthering his own professional education, and over the next several years, earned the Chartered Life Underwriter’s designation (CLU)—America’s oldest professional financial designation—from The American College in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania.

As a Registered Investment Advisor, Ray founded and grew his practice, firmly embracing the philosophy that successful wealth management is a collaborative effort. It flourishes when the process maintains objectivity, the advice is unbiased, and the client and advisor enjoy an open line of communication. Ray’s wealth management firm serves more than 250 families.

Now, in addition to heading Portsmouth’s wealth management division, Ray finds that his passion for history, philanthropy and mentorship, along with his entertaining style of speech, have made him a sought-after public speaker on both coasts. Always looking for an opportunity to harness the power of private and civic partnerships for the public good, Ray has aided the firm in launching a variety of educational internship programs for students to promote historical and economic literacy.